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Division of Radioisotopes

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ul. Konarskiego 22B/216
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+48 32 237 2696
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  • Tylmann, Wojciech; Fischer, Helmut W.; Enters, Dirk; et al., 2014. Reply to the comment by F. Gharbi on "Multiple dating of varved sediments from Lake Lazduny, northern Poland: Toward an improved chronology for the last 150 years". QUATERNARY GEOCHRONOLOGY 20: 111-113
  • Danuta Dzieduszyńska, Joanna Petera-Zganiacz, Janusz Twardy et al., 2014. Optical dating and sedimentary record from the terrace depositional profile of the Warta River (Central Poland). GEOCHRONOMETRIA 41(4): 361-368
  • Piotr Moska, A. S. Murray, Andrzej Bluszcz, 2010. Luminescence properties of single grain quartz to determine the history of a sample from the Sahara Desert. Quaternary Geochronology 5, 2-3: 96-101
  • P. Moska, G. Poręba, A. Bluszcz, A. Wiszniowska, 2008. Combined IRSL/OSL Dating on Fine Grains from Lake Baikal Sediments . Geochronometria 31: 39-43, DOI 10.2478/v10003-008-0018-5
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