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Division of Radioisotopes

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specjalista inż.-tech.
ul. Konarskiego 22B/215
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+48 32 237 2488
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  • Beata Stepańczak, Krzysztof Szostek, Jacek Pawlyta, 2014. THE HUMAN BONE OXYGEN ISOTOPE RATIO CHANGES WITH AGING. GEOCHRONOMETRIA 41(2): 147-159
  • Konrad Tudyka, Jacek Pawlyta, 2014. Biocomponent determination in vinegars with the help of C-14 measured by liquid scintillation counting. FOOD CHEMISTRY 145: 614-616
  • K. Szostek, E. Haduch, B. Stepańczak et al., 2014. Isotopic composition and identification of the origins of individuals buried in a Neolithic collective grave at Bronocice (southern Poland). HOMO-JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE HUMAN BIOLOGY 65(2): 115-130
  • Natalia Piotrowska, F. De Vleeschouwer, Jarosław Sikorski, Jacek Pawlyta, N. Fagel, G. Le Roux, Anna Pazdur, 2010. Intercomparison of radiocarbon bomb pulse and Pb-210 age models. A study in a peat bog core from North Poland. Nuclear Instruments & Mthods in Physics Research B - Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 268, 7-8: 1163-1166
  • F. De Vleeschouwer, N. Piotrowska, J. Sikorski, J. Pawlyta, A. Cheburkin, G. Le Roux, M. Lamentowicz, N. Fagel, D. Mauquoy, 2009. Multiproxy evidence of `Little Ice Age' palaeoenvironmental changes in a peat bog from northern Poland. The Holocene 19, 4: 625-637, DOI 10.1177/0959683609104027
  • Gabelmann O., Michczyński A., Pazdur A., Pawlyta J., 2009. Absolute Radiocarbon Chronology in the Formative Pottery Production Center of Santa Lucia, Cochabamba, Boliwia. Radiocarbon 51(2): 501-514
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