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Referat pt. „Palaeoclimatic signals in loess palaeosol-sequences from Armenia” wygłosi Dr. Johanna Lomax z Justus-Liebig University Gießen, Germany. Serdecznie zapraszamy.

Palaeoclimatic signals in loess palaeosol-sequences from Armenia

Johanna Lomaxa, Tilmann Wolperta, Daniel Wolfb, Dominik Faustb, Markus Fuchsa

aDepartment of Geography, Justus-Liebig University Gießen, Germany

bInstitute of Geography, TU Dresden, Germany


In this study, we present three loess-palaeosol sections which are located in northern Armenia in the Sevkar loess area. These loess deposits cover the slopes of the Lesser Caucasus, which declines into the Kura depression to the north. Methods such as grain size analyses and magnetic susceptibility, as well as field observations show alternating loess and palaeosol units, representing different climatic phases of the mid to late Quaternary. Prominent tephra layers are also present, most likely originating from volcanoes in Eastern Anatolia and the Armenian Highlands. Dating of the loess layers was carried out mainly through luminescence dating of the polymineral fine grain fraction. These include two different post-IR-IRSL protocols on the majority of the samples and pulsed post-IR-IRSL dating on two further samples. The chronology shows a typical pattern of dry/cold glacials and warm/moist interglacials and interstadials, allowing soil formation. A comparison with two pollen records from Lake Van (Turkey) and Lake Urmia (Iran) is also presented.

Topic: Seminarium w dniu 19 maja 2021, godz:14:00


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